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Goa Travel Trip
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One of the youngest states of the Indian union ,Goa attained statehood after 451 years of colonial rule and 26 years as Union Territorry . Its history dates back to the 3rd century when it belonged to the Mauryas , followed by the rule of the Satvahanas , Chalukyas and then the Shiharas and Kadambas . in 1312 , Goa fell into the hands of muslims when the Harihara of the vijyanagar empire evacuated the coastel areas . The muslims rule ended when the portugeese took over in 1510 . during the Napoleanic wars , Britishers had a brief occupation of Goa otherwise the portugeese were masteres of Goa till 1961 when they were finally driven out.Goa is the perfect place where you will find a blend of traditional and modern aspects of life. On one hand you have plush beaches and on the other hand you have the most natural landscapes that make you wonder if time ever touched this place. Goa is the perfect place to go on a sightseeing tour. These tours will truly show you an entirely new side of Goa that is sure to take you by surprise. The waterfalls, the forests, the spice farms, all are unique in their own way and are a must visit on your tour to Goa in India. Check our related sections for further information.

Goa Beaches
India Taj Mahal ToursPefect blend of sun, sand, sea and surf is enough to convince any person packing his bags and ready to leave for a short holiday. It becomes even more perfect when that holiday is in one of the popular Goan beaches. Goa has a long coastline that makes it the ideal state to have beaches. The beaches of Goa are the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation and holiday in India.

Goa Churches
Goa is literally synonymous with churches. These churches are actually the legacy of a glorious past of this city. During the early days of the Portuguese rule in India, church building was the primary concern and occupation in Goa. This was because of their zeal to spread Christianity and convert as many people as they can. They are living testimonies of the rich historical past of Goa

Goa Carnival
The Goa Carnival festival is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, as it is one of the most colourful cultural and popular festival of Goa . You can say the three day extravaganza, of fun, frolic, amusement and merry-making, which takes place in the month of February. Though essentially a Christian festival, all people of Goa, irrespective of their faith and religion take part in this festival.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls
India Taj Mahal ToursThe Dudhsagar waterfalls are located in the Sanguem district of Goa near the Goa-Karnataka border. It is located at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Margao and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from either Margao or Panaji.

Goa Spice Plantations
No doubt Goa is synonymous to its exotic beaches and pulsating nightlife, but there is more to Goa than just beaches, churches, nightlife and casinos, and that is Goa Spice Plantation. A major attraction in the rural side is the spice plantation of Goa. Tourists come here to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and rediscover themselves in peaceful and serene surroundings.

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